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Where will the flight take me? What will I see?

We will stay within a 25nm radius around Cherokee County Airport (47A) Canton, GA. Depending upon the ride length purchased you can fly over downtown Atlanta, Buckhead, Stone Mountain, the Braves Stadium, the lakes, or the North Georgia Mountains. If you have any other site or location you would like to see or fly over, just say the word and we ll try to make it happen. Each flight is tailored specifically for you.

Is it safe?
Yes, it is very safe. You are strapped into the plane by a 4 point lap belt and shoulder harness. Both the Boeing Stearman and the North American T-6 were built at a time when aircraft were over-engineered to withstand the rigors of student flying. Our aircraft are meticulously maintained and our pilots use their thousands of hours of flying experience to ensure that safety always comes first.

Are gift certificates available?
Yes, visit the Gift Certificates page for more information. A biplane ride is a great gift choice for any occasion and is a thrill that will never be forgotten. Simply call in your info and we ll mail the gift certificate out to you immediately.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, we accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express. Credit card payments can be made over the phone or at the airport. Checks and Cash are also accepted.

Where do I show up for my flight?
Go to our Directions page for a detailed map. Once at the airport call  (404) 791-9603  and we’ll direct you to the hangar.

How many people can ride in the plane?
One passenger per plane. In the Stearman you ride up front. In the T-6 you ride in the back.

Are cameras allowed?
Yes, in flight and on the ground. There will be plenty of time on the ground for all the photos you d like to take.  We encourage hero shots.

What type of clothing should or should not be worn?
Higher than 70 degrees = summer clothing
Lower than 70 degrees = a light jacket or at least long pants and long sleeves.
50 degrees minimum is suggested, but if you want to go,.. we’ll go. Just dress warm.

Can we do aerobatics?
Yes. The Stearman requires 24 hour prior coordination but the T-6 is always ready for acro.

Can I upgrade the ride I’ve already scheduled / paid for?
Yes, with 24 hour prior coordination. Same day changes may be made if no scheduling conflicts exist.

Can my family and friends come out to watch?
Of course! Everybody can come to the hangar and look at the plane, take pictures, and watch us crank up and taxi out. They can watch us taxi out to the runway and then take off and land. We offer full facilities including snack machines and restrooms.

Can I fly?
Yes, you can fly as much as you want. There are dual controls in both cockpits of both airplanes. They were military trainers after all. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve never flown, we’ll give you a mini checkout.

Some prerequisites:
1) Must have gift certificate in hand if issued one.
2) Must sign a hold harmless agreement prior to flying.
3) Must be in good enough health to ride.

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