Meet the Vintage Flights Pilots

Jim “NOMAD” Lawrence | Cullen Underwood (bio coming soon) | Major Brian Wolf

CDR USN / LtCol USAF (ret) Jim “NOMAD” Lawrence

Vintage Flights pilot Jim "NOMAD" Lawrence

Vintage Flights pilot Jim “NOMAD” Lawrence


I retired from the USAF as a LtCol and ended my fighter pilot career with 38 years and three combat tours with a total of 586 combat missions.

Outside of my military flying I flew for Western and Delta Airlines and retired from Delta as a Boeing 777 captain after 35 years. I have over 35,000 flight hours 7700 of those in single-seat fighters and the remaining time in numerous other aircraft. I love sharing the sky with others and I look forward to flying with you at Vintage Flights.

I have loved airplanes and flying since I took my first breath.  There’s no greater thrill as a pilot than that micro second when the wheels of your aircraft, regardless of what you’re flying, leave this Earth and you’re FLYING!! – Jim Lawrence

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Major Brian Wolf (1969-2006)

Major Brian Wolf in the AT-6 Texan

Major Brian Wolf in the AT-6 Texan

Brian Wolf had accumulated more than 3,000 flying hours and 20 years of flying experience in everything from J-3 Cub float planes to supersonic jet fighters. Major Brian Wolf earned his Air Force Wings in 1997 and had completed 15 years of military service prior to losing his life in 2006.

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