1954 Beechcraft T34 Mentor

Vintage Flights would like to introduce the newest member of our aircraft stable. It’s the Beechcraft T34 Mentor.

The T34 was developed in the early 1950’s and after extensive testing was put into production in 1954 for the USN as the T34B and the USAF as the T34A. Both the T34A and T34B were assigned to train new Air Force Pilots and new Naval  and Marine Corps Aviators as a “Primary Trainer”.  The T34A / B were almost identical in appearance except for some “operational” differences which were primarily “internal”. Performance wise both were the same. Powered by a Continental E-225-8 225hp engine the T34 has a maximum speed of 280 mph/243 knots. 450 T34 A’s were produced for the USAF and 423 T34B’s were delivered to the US Navy. The USAF phased out the T34A in the early 1960’s and the Navy did the same for the T34B in the middle 1970’s.  One of Vintage Flights pilots, veteran fighter pilot and “Top Gun” USN CDR/USAF LtCol Jim “NOMAD” Lawrence flew the T34B at VT-1 while going thru Navy Flight Training. Many of our Free World Allies including Canada, Japan, Chile, Turkey, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela and El Salvador also selected the T34 as their primary trainer.

The T34 Mentor is a very popular “warbird”. Nomad says “she is a delight to fly” and Vintage Flights’ pilot Dan Hill also enthusiastically concurs. There are over 200 T34’s in “civilian” hands. Vintage Flights’ immaculate T34 is a “modified” 1954 USAF T34A with a 285hp engine and a three bladed prop. She is fully aerobatic and has complete dual controls so you can get “stick time” if you choose to go aviating in our “Mentor”.  We at Vintage Flights look forward to flying with you in our “new addition” the T34 Mentor.


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